About Us

Here at Green Project

Green Project, Inc. is an international imaging supplier with offices based in China, Europe and the United States. Our recycling facilities are located overseas as well as in the USA. We are the perfect alternative to OEM brands while providing the quality you are familiar with. By making the choice to purchase recycled ink and toner cartridges, you help take the step to protecting our environment and reducing waste. Here at Green Project, Inc. we specialize in the repairing and manufacturing of inkjet and toner cartridges. Our specialty is to take quality cartridges and put them through an extensive cleaning process to have a high quality finished repaired cartridge. Our products are extensively developed by the best engineers, and passed through heavy quality systems such as ISO 9001. Product development is our strength and that is what our customers look to us for. Our repairing process is different from many of the other recyclers, which allows us an even higher quality cartridge resulting in lower defectives.

Products We Offer

Green Project, Inc. specializes in recycling ink and toner cartridges, though we do carry a wide selection of other cartridges as well.

Our manufacturing facilities are based both outside the United States and here in California. By utilizing the strengths of each location, we are able to offer the highest quality products. We know that for a customer, quality is something that cannot be sacrificed, even to cut costs.

Since the ruling on a ban on imports of compatible Epson cartridges, Green Project, Inc. took to heavy collection of used Epson inkjets within the United States. We are proud to say that we are one of the largest recyclers of Epson inkjets.

Not only is Green Project, Inc. a leader in recycled Epson inkjets, we also specialize in Brother, Canon, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Lexmark, Samsung, and more!

Since Green Project, Inc. first started, our commitment will always to be to provide quality. We cannot stress enough the importance of having a product that works well at a very competitive price.

Helping the Environment

As each day passes, our landfills continue to fill with discarded empty recyclable inkjet and toner cartridges. Here at Green Project, we take discarded cartridges and give it new life. You may think that there is a sacrifice to quality but in truth, our products meet or exceed user expectations. Our customers get the same great quality prints that they are used to.

For each cartridge that we save, we not only reduce waste, but also consumption of oil.

In North America, Over 300 million cartridges are discarded every year increasing by more than 10% every year! 2.5 Ounces of oil are used to manufacture an Inkjet cartridge.

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